It's a family affair




Luigi Candiani founded Candiani Denim S.p.A. in 1938 in a beautiful area located between Milan and the Alps. To start, Luigi decided to exclusively produce workwear fabrics and then sell them directly at different markets in Milan. This allowed us to be competitive from the very beginning. The company's first official name was Tessitura di Robecchetto Candiani, later known worldwide as TRC, which sowed the seeds of what was to become the family business.

  • Focus: Workwear fabrics
  • Qualities: 1 in Massaua cotton
  • Production: 10.000 meters per year



In the 1960s, led by Primo, Candiani started the transition to become the textile business it is today. Primo acknowledged the fast growth of the denim and jeans market and acted accordingly. It was then that Candiani introduced a vertically-integrated structure and started focusing only on the manufacture of denim fabric.

  • Focus: Denim
  • Qualities: 2 in Massaua cotton and 2 in denim
  • Production: 2.000.000 meters per year



During the mid-1980s, faced with a transforming industry, Candiani evolved again, increasing its sales abroad and pioneering one of the greatest transformations in the market since the birth of denim. Gianluigi Candiani was one of the first to realise that stretch denim, i.e. the stretch fabric used to make jeans, was not just a temporary trend but something that was going to revolutionise the industry. He perfected the performance of stretch denim and created the fabrics that gave birth to the up and coming premium denim industry.

  • Focus: From open end spinning to ring spinning
  • Qualities: 2 Indigo denim + 1 black + 1 stretch
  • Production: 10.000.000 meters per year



Now in its fourth generation, Candiani Denim remains family-owned and family-run. Today, our only goal is to merge our heritage with the best sustainable innovations of the industry. Alberto Candiani, Gianluigi's son, devoted himself to pioneering positive change, making sustainability no longer optional but an industry-standard in the denim world.

  • Focus: Sustainability
  • Qualities: 300
  • Production: 20.000.000 meters per year

Our values

Made in Italy

Italy has a long history of textile manufacturing – expertise and skills in the ‘Made in Italy’ artisanal sector are passed down from generation to generation, getting stronger as time goes by. Local artisan families, our most valued heritage, are continuing this tradition, thus allowing the unique ‘Made in Italy’ quality to endure.


We are always developing new techniques for the creation of innovative and sustainable fabrics. Like all ‘Made in Italy’ companies striving for excellence, we aim to break down boundaries and constantly evolve, combining our experience and creativity with the latest technologies.


To us, innovation means sustainability – this is why we develop regenerative products and processes with a positive impact, while continuously challenging industry standards. The development of new technologies that focus on sustainability is crucial to the quality of life of future generations, and it's at the heart of our long-term corporate strategy.

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