Premium Recycled Denim

Want to know more about this fabric?

These three factors make our Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) program unique: wrecked jeans, Blue Seed cotton, and local supply chain.

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Recycled denim with premium quality

The fibers obtained from the recycling of old jeans are mixed with our Blue Seed cotton, a special fiber we co-engineered with Gowan Seed Company. This specific type of cotton has higher-than-average qualities and, as such, bolsters the old jeans’ weakened fibers, creating a new fabric that boasts an exceptional look and outstanding performance. Thanks to Blue Seed cotton, our PCR fabrics are more durable despite containing a great amount of recycled cotton, ranging between 21-26%.

We turn wrecked jeans into new fabric

The recycled content of PCR fabrics is derived from old – i.e., post-consumer – jeans that have reached the end of their life. This project developed out of our partnership with Humana People to People Italia, an organization that recovers used clothes via their network of collection bins located across Italy, and with Filatura Astro, a company specialized in the mechanical recycling of garments. Each stage of this supply chain takes place within a 60-km range and is fully traceable, from the individual collection point on the street to the finished fabric, hence allowing for a significantly low carbon footprint.


Fabric look

This family includes a range of medium-weight fabrics, all featuring a 3x1 weave with right-hand twill. However, their constructions vary from dense to loose, and their appearance ranges from clean and sophisticated to a rustic, vintage look. The post-consumer recycled cotton's content is particularly high (21-26%) thanks to the use of our exclusive Blue Seed Cotton, which compensates the weakness of the recycled fibres.

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