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After successfully introducing recycled cotton blends in our collection, we decided to apply our way of thinking about recycling and regeneration to stretch yarns as well.

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From synthetic to recycled stretch

ReLast represents Candiani’s first step into developing synthetic stretch denim with a reduced environmental footprint. The cotton used for the ReLast family is 100% organic, while the stretch yarn is a unique pre-consumer recycled elastomer. All fabrics are sized with Kitotex® technology in order to further reduce the synthetic content of this denim. These products are not only beneficial in terms of sustainability, but they also boast higher-than-average stretch performance, thus ensuring a consistent, snug fit that won't lose its shape.

Fabric look

These fabrics can be dyed in a wide range of colours, from black-black to medium-dark, red cast indigo and ecru. They also offer many different levels of elasticity, from comfort stretch to super stretch. Their weights can vary as well as their constructions, ranging from medium to loose density. In general, these fabrics are characterised by an authentic warp design with a strong and authentic ring effect.

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