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Innovation never stops, and ReSolve transcends the concept of recycled textiles by introducing a new stretch technology that, although synthetic, allows fabrics that have reached their end of life to degrade without polluting.

From recycled synthetic to degradable synthetic

We developed ReSolve focusing on the end of life of jeans. Once discarded, ReSolve fabrics do not negatively impact the planet by releasing toxic substances while they degrade. ReSolve was therefore awarded the Environmental Compatibility certification by the Hohenstein Institute. This family of products is made of organic cotton and sized with a vegetal compound that is 100% biodegradable, non-toxic, and microplastic-free.


Fabric look

From comfort to super stretch, this family of fabrics is available in Candiani's full range of colours. Some versions feature a loose construction with a marked ring effect, while those with higher density are characterised by a lighter and more natural ring effect.

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