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On average, we wear a jean 2.5 times before washing it. GRAPHITO’s antimicrobial shield activity allows for many more wears, reducing the domestic environmental impact of our jeans.

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GRAPHITO denim protects you and the environment!

GRAPHITO has increased antiviral and antibacterial shield activities thanks to G+® Graphene Plus, the purest, safest, skin-friendly, and non-toxic form of graphene patented by Directa Plus and produced only 50 km far from our mill. Tests show that, in five days, G+® reduces the bacterial load up to 50% compared to conventional jeans, and its antimicrobial activity increases over time, meaning you can wear your GRAPHITO jean at least twice as long as a regular jean. Wearing jeans 10 times before washing them instead of 2.5 times decreases the water and energy used and CO2 emissions by 75%, according to the Levi Strauss & Co Life Cycle Assessment 2015. And no worries, G+® also has an odor-neutralizing action!

GRAPHITO guarantees enhanced thermal comfort and overall aesthetics

G+® guarantees thermal comfort, making GRAPHITO a cross-seasonal fabric. Tests show that jeans impregnated with G+® measured lower skin temperature and a higher external surface temperature, indicating better heat dissipation for the user. GRAPHITO is, finally, sized with our patented and bio-based Kitotex® technology, which has a remarkable effect on indigo-dyed yarns, ennobling the fabric’s hand-feel, color saturation, and natural shine.


Fabric look

GRAPHITO is available in a 3x1 selvedge fabric and a full-width version with broken batavia construction. The G+® Graphen Plus impregnation confers a deep, blue-greyish color to the fabric. Thanks to Kitotex®’s outstanding binding and film-forming properties, indigo-dyed yarns have an improved color fullness, characterizing the overall aesthetic of GRAPHITO fabrics with a polished look and feel.

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