Premium Regenerative Denim

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In the ‘80s, Candiani pioneered in defining premium denim. Today, we are redefining it with regenerative cotton.

Stretch denim revolution

The definition of premium denim combines three elements: high-quality fabric, authentic wash, and superior performance. Candiani was one of the game changers who first combined them. In the late ‘80s, our mill became famous worldwide thanks to our stretch denim that successfully enhanced authentic-looking jeans with elastic performance. It became the building block for the signature style of the Los Angeles premium denim industry.

LA premium denim redefined with regenerative cotton

Today, we are evolving those yarns that characterize the LA premium denim aesthetics with regenerative cotton certified by the regenagri®. Denim is cotton, and we believe that this key ingredient of a jean has to harmonize with the environment more than ever. Regenerative cotton helps improve soil health, restore natural ecosystems, safeguard biodiversity, and keep more CO2 below the ground.


Fabric look

This family includes medium-weight fabrics featuring a 3x1 right-hand twill construction. Their aesthetics range from sophisticated to rustic, authentic. The performances vary from rigid to power stretch covering a wide spectrum of fits.

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