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The secret of our recipe? The ingredients

The secret of our recipe? The ingredients

The materials we use are selected for their unique properties, which minimise the environmental impact of our fabrics and enhance the quality, performance and aesthetics of the final product.

Our selection of cotton fibres

Our selection of alternative fibres

Our selection of dyes

Development Center

All denim fabrics are tested in our Development Center – our in-house laundry facility – in order to determine the best match of fabric and treatment. We develop new wash techniques to treat denim garments in an increasingly sustainable way and we share our findings with our customers. Each of our denim fabrics is engineered to have a reduced impact during the wash process.

Our proprietary technologies

Sound Dye: we save water with ultrasounds!

Sound Dye: we save water with ultrasounds!

Sound Dye is our latest sustainable innovation allowing us to save water in the dyeing process. It uses ultrasounds to rinse the yarn, creating microbubbles in the water that soon implode and produce violent shock waves to remove the excess of unfixed indigo. Sound Dye allows us to save about 2 liters of water (almost 30%) for each linear meter of denim compared to the most traditional techniques. Considering an annual production of 20 million linear meters, the total water reduction guaranteed by Sound Dye is equal to 52,287,000 liters: the equivalent of the drinking water needed in one year to quench the thirst of nearly 72,000 people!

GRAPHITO denim protects you and the environment!

GRAPHITO is our latest innovation we launched with Directa Plus and combines two patented technologies, G+® Graphene Plus and Kitotex®. G+® is the purest, safest, skin-friendly, and non-toxic form of graphene and, when impregnated in denim, reduces its bacterial load by up to 50% compared to a conventional denim. Moreover, its antimicrobial activity increases over time, meaning you can wear your GRAPHITO jean at least twice as long as a regular jean. G+® also guarantees thermal comfort since it better dissipates heat and can be worn all year round. Finally, Kitotex® enhances G+® properties and improves the color fullness and the overall aesthetics of the fabric with a polished look and feel.

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GRAPHITO denim protects you and the environment!

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