A journey in the Italian denim industry committed to reduce its impact

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It’s important for us to be informed about the production of our favorite pair of jeans, or the one we’re about to buy, and of all clothes. Unfortunately, the media often highlights only negative practices and examples, underlining that the fashion industry harms the environment. However, this overlooks those who are already taking steps to solve these problems. So, how can we make informed decisions when buying clothing?

Sky Tg24 investigates the sustainable textile industry, focusing on good news

Fortunately, some journalists have started supporting consumers by focusing on companies that have adopted more responsible social and environmental practices in their production process and giving the audience some good news. Chiara Puglisi is one such journalist who reported on sustainable denim.

In her reportage, Chiara explored the jeans supply chain and investigated Italian companies that have been using virtuous business models based on sustainability and circular economy for years. The aim of these actions is to reduce the impact of the textile industry, which, according to the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), contributes to 2-8% of global emissions, uses 215 trillion gallons of water, and pollutes 9% of the oceans with microfibers.

Candiani Denim and Candiani Custom were also recommended as virtuous practices

Chiara displayed Candiani Custom to her audience, our micro-factory in piazza Mentana 3, in the heart of Milan, making custom jeans. One of the main benefits of the project is that overproduction is eliminated since we only produce on demand.

Additionally, our production process is completely transparent and traceable. Customers can witness the manufacturing process through a window, and all machines and components used to create our garments are sourced from a range of only 238 km from the store, making it the world’s shortest jeans supply chain and the one with the smallest carbon footprint.

Lastly, customers can choose from a variety of materials to customize their jeans to their preference, starting with the fabric produced by Candiani Denim at a distance of about 40 km from the micro-factory.

Click here to watch the video (in Italian).

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