A snapshot of the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2024

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On March 6th, 2024, the annual Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA) took place in Los Angeles. The event brought together key fashion players, celebrities, world leaders, young activists, and Indigenous representatives to celebrate those fostering collective transformation and highlight the need for an intersectional approach to achieving change.

What is the Green Carpet Fashion Awards?

The GCFA occurs in Los Angeles during Oscars week and recognizes interconnected cultural change and the most inspiring efforts driving it. The event celebrates people and organizations that have crucial roles in political, social, and environmental hotspots and offer a new perspective on true intersectional transformation. Moreover, it brings together a new generation of international activists.

The 2024 GCFA was co-chaired by founder Livia Firth, actresses Cate Blanchett, Helen Hunt, Julianne Moore, and Zendaya, actress and model Quannah Chasinghorse, singer, songwriter, activist, and founder of The Circle NGO Annie Lennox, Minister of Indigenous People of Brazil Sônia Guajajara, and Ugandan climate justice activist Vanessa Nakate.

The board included activist and entrepreneur Bethann Hardison, model and actress Amber Valletta, designer and creative director Christopher Bevans, and fashion editor Tonne Goodman.

António Guterres was awarded as The Sage

On behalf of a group of young leaders, Vanessa Nakate awarded the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres as The Sage, “an educator who people turn to for all kinds of wisdom”, for its commitment to environmental and social justice. “Together, our efforts are making a difference. We need a quantum leap in action to put an end to the fossil fuel age and save ourselves and our planet from the worst of climate chaos. So, let’s keep fighting, keep speaking the truth, keep creating change, and keep up the pressure. You can count on me. And I am counting on you”, said Guterres.

“This incredible night is exactly why the GCFA is different. Fashion and entertainment are our platforms, but we are in the business of transformation. This is how we move the narrative of the climate crisis, and this is how together we refashion the world. To have our young leaders on the frontline of climate chaos honor the Secretary-General of the UN is a really big moment. Tonight, we are modeling the leadership humanity needs”, stated Livia Firth.

All the 2024 awards

Many awards were given during the GCFA. Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and UN Special Envoy on Climate Change, co-founder and chair of The Elders, and founder of Project Dandelion, was honored as The Healer, “a caretaker who soothes pain and repairs damage”, presented by Vanessa Nakate. The award recognized Robinson’s passionate advocacy for gender equality, women’s participation in peacebuilding, human dignity, and climate justice.

Kalpona Atker, founder and executive director of the Bangladesh Centre for Worker Solidarity, was honored as The Messenger, “an exemplary communicator and listener who amplifies truth in a way that changes the game for others”, presented by Annie Lennox. Atker was awarded for her extraordinary story, from being a sweatshop child worker when she was 12 to become a worldwide renowned labor right activist.

Angaangaq Angakkorsuaq, Greenland environmentalist and keeper of the ancient Shamanic traditions Qilaut, was honored as The Visionary, “an innovative thinker who can see the path to a better world”, presented by Trudie Styler, actress, film producer, director, human rights activist, environmentalist, organic farmer, winemaker, and UNICEF Ambassador. Angakkorsuaq was awarded for his dedication to climate protection, indigenous matters, and healing the planet.

John Legend, EGOT-winning, critically acclaimed, multiplatinum singer-songwriter, was honored as The Rebel, “a courageous provocateur who challenges the status quo”, presented by author Shaka Senghor. The award recognized Legend’s initiatives and commitment to social justice, mainly dedicated to criminal justice reform.

Bobi Wine, Ugandan presidential candidate, and his wife, Barbie Kyagulanyi, were honored as The Futurist, “a brave pioneer who foresees a brighter future and actively builds the path through decisive action and transformative change”, presented by Rupi Kaur, poet, artist, performer, and author. Wine and Kyagulanyi were awarded for being leaders in stepping up for human rights.

Finally, Donatella Versace received The GCFA Change Maker Honor, presented by actress Jennifer Coolidge and actress and singer Michaela Jaé Rodriguez. The award recognized Versace’s service and allyship to the global LGBTQ+ community and her activism to embed LGBTQ+ rights into fashion and culture. “I have always tried to embrace change – even when it felt difficult. Change is a great teacher. We cannot grow without it. I have learned so much from my time spent with queer and transgender leaders and activists. I have seen love that has defied laws, political borders, and institutional religions”, said Versace.

Amber Valletta challenged the audience to eat jeans

Once again, Candiani Denim was a strategic partner of the event. We also contributed to dinner thanks to our collaboration with the innovative farming project Quintosapore. Amber Valletta surprised the guests, challenging them to eat their jeans since the pasta served was seasoned with a sauce from tomatoes grown with COREVA™ stretch denim offcuts. This plant-based, plastic-free stretch fabric was also used by Triarchy to create Valletta’s bespoke dress.

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