Alberto Candiani among the speakers of the Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum to foster sustainable development

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Alberto Candiani, President of Candiani Denim, participated in the first edition of the Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum. He was one of the speakers who, on Friday, October 28, 2022, talked about The essential role of a cohesive supply chain for sustainable development, a conference organized by the National Chamber of Italian Fashion and the Italian Textile and Fashion Federation.

Green transition, a necessity in the fashion industry 

The Venice Sustainable Fashion Forum was the first international summit dedicated to the green transition in the fashion industry. The event aims to become a reference to discuss this topic, identifying the primary challenges and drawing up a shared plan of change to start a measurable and sustainable development. 

Knowing the environmental and social impact of the fashion industry is indeed not that simple since often there is a lack of information or variance in the same data published by different sources. According to The European House – Ambrosetti, the estimates shared about the carbon emissions in the sector vary by 310%; a similar situation occurs in data about the annual freshwater withdrawals of fashion companies and the use of water to produce, which show a deviation of 172% and 429% respectively. 

1,000 European companies required to publish their performance for sustainable transition 

Sustainable transition is hence a priority for the fashion world. About 1,000 European fashion and luxury industry companies will be required to publish their quantitative sustainability performance starting from the fiscal year 2023, the next one at the latest. Italy has the highest number of businesses affected, almost 300, followed by France and Germany, with 130 and 110 companies respectively. 

The fashion industry has, in turn, a pivotal role in reducing the impact on the planet: in Italy, the sector produces 100 billion euros in revenues and counts over 60,000 firms and 500,000 employees.

Sustainability at Candiani Denim: “Our area has driven us toward sustainable innovation”

In his speech, Alberto Candiani explained what sustainability means at Candiani Denim: “Our area has driven us toward sustainable innovation, and, even before, toward maximizing industrial efficiency, which is sustainability’s ancestor to throw away nothing and reuse everything”. 

Like how sustainability is meant, how the value chain in the denim industry is defined has evolved: “Cotton was a soft commodity; farmers were not part of the value chain. This has changed; nowadays, the chain starts from farms and includes research institutes that validate our research and development activities, e.g., our patented COREVA™ technology, the first stretch denim made with a natural elastomer, biodegradable and compostable”. 

The speech ended with an explanation of Candiani Denim’s circular vision: “After finishing fabrics, our operations should stop when we supply our products to brands; we are instead looking at the next part of our circular system, which is an idealist system, but in place since 2020. We have a little B2C experience in Milan, a micro-factory specialized in custom jeans, where we make garments without pre-production. We follow eco-design principles, improving the quality of products since, first of all, a jean has to be long-lasting, and using materials such as ours, which are highly recyclable and even compostable; at the very end of a garment life cycle, after repairing it many times, these materials can be used to grow new raw materials”.

Here is a video of Alberto Candiani's speech (in Italian):

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