Alberto Candiani on Leader on Business24 TV

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Leader is a broadcast aired on Business24 TV hosted by Marco Columbro about the Italian entrepreneurs and managers standing out in their industry. Alberto Candiani, Candiani Denim’s President, was welcomed in the Tuesday, February 14th episode to tell his mill’s history and philosophy.

From workwear to jeans fabric

“Candiani Denim is a family-run company born in 1938 when my great-grandfather Luigi founded a small mill producing workwear fabric in the tiny town of Robecchetto con Induno, close to Milan. My grandfather verticalized the firm and, together with my father, specialized in jeans fabric”.

Quality, aesthetics, and eco-sustainability leader

“We have always been considered product quality and aesthetics leader. Recently, we have also established ourselves on the market as eco-sustainable: this is our DNA, both for the philosophy of our family, who has always lived on the mill premises, and since we are located in Parco del Ticino, a nature reserve set up in 1974. The environmental regulations under which we have had to work and invest have become the guiding principles to be more and more sustainable”.

Made in Italy products of excellent quality

“We are a family company: many employees spend their entire career in our mill, and we also have different generations working together in our firm. We are innovators; research is the most fun thing to do. Our philosophy is to make Made in Italy products of excellence: when Italians combine creativity and technical skills, they can stand out”.

Candiani Custom, custom jeans in the heart of Milan

“We recently opened our Candiani Custom micro-factory in the historic center of Milan, a retail concept where we produce custom jeans. This experience allows us to involve consumers, telling them that this garment is made in Italy, that we manufacture its fabric only 37 km far, and how we make it”. 

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