Alberto Candiani x Velasca, a tribute to the Italian history of jeans

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Velasca has recently launched a denim capsule collection in collaboration with Alberto Candiani, who led the Milanese brand to discover this unique fabric that becomes more beautiful as it ages. Velasca has incorporated this fabric into their favorite designs and given them names that pay homage to the history of jeans and our mill. These designs have been updated using two of their most iconic fabrics.

The men’s denim collection by Velasca comprises a field jacket, an overshirt, and chino trousers

The capsule collection Alberto Candiani x Velasca draws inspiration from the rich Italian history of denim. The city of Chieri, towards the end of the 15th century, used to produce a fabric that was then used by camalli, i.e., port workers in Genoa, to make sails, cover shiploads, and create workwear that was almost indestructible. Over time, this fustian evolved into the Genoese quality, which is the true ancestor of the denim fabric we know today. Candiani Denim, established in 1938 in Robecchetto con Induno, is the only mill that still produces denim in the same area where it was born, thus preserving the Italian tradition associated with the fabric.

The capsule collection comprises three garments with names that pay tribute to the history of denim fabric. Camalli is a field jacket that blends Italian denim tradition with US vintage style, featuring badges and patch pockets. Robecchetto is a casual overshirt that resembles a shirt but has the weight of a jacket, inspired by workwear from the early 20th century. Chieri is a pair of chino trousers with a classic sartorial silhouette designed to make denim more refined and elegant.

The fabrics in the denim collection Alberto Candiani x Velasca

Camalli is available in two washes of our denim, RR7276 SIOUX PRESHRUNK, one of our bestsellers and most beloved products. This fabric was engineered by Gianluigi Candiani to value the authentic denim character and recall its most traditional aesthetic by reintroducing the ring-spinning system. This system results in the distinct uneven surface of denim that makes indigo fade in a unique way over time, giving character to the fabric while still maintaining a refined and contemporary look.

Similarly, Robecchetto and Chieri are also available in the same two washes as Camalli and with the fabric RR5509 BLEND PRESHRUNK. This fabric is dark denim double-dipped in indigo for a blue-black cast, reminiscent of most traditional workwear fabrics.

“Italian quality means giving value to details”

Our collaboration with Velasca started because of our shared values and passion for Made in Italy products. I strongly believe that Velasca pays great attention to detail in their products and in the well-being of their workers. We can see this in the quality of their tailoring and treatments. Together, we even developed a unique label. I believe that attention to detail is a true Italian value that is appreciated all over the world,” said Alberto Candiani.

Alberto Candiani x Velasca is available on the brand’s website and in selected stores.

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