Andrea Grossi and the classic jeans revised for THE Laser EXPERIENCE by Tonello x Candiani Denim

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Andrea Grossi is one of the designers who participated in THE Laser EXPERIENCE, the project we launched with Tonello to prove how new and responsible fabric and finishing technologies can serve creativity. THE CLASSIC JEANS is the name of the garment made by Andrea, who revised the iconic engineered fit by Levi's®.

Candiani Denim and Tonello showcase sustainable innovation in the textile industry with THE Laser EXPERIENCE

We engaged three young designers in THE Laser EXPERIENCE, Andrea Grossi, Marcello Pipitone, and Domenico Formichetti, and we asked them to make their own jean – fit and laser design – in our micro-factory Candiani Custom. The project was developed with Tonello, the leader in the garment finishing industry and one of our long-lasting partners, who supplied us with the laser machine used in our micro-factory.

The laser technology simulates denim aging and wear and replaces harmful manual scratching operations, conventionally performed in our sector, but often, without the needed precautions. It is important to remember that only some denim fabrics are suitable for lasering. THE Laser EXPERIENCE aims, hence, to show simultaneously how new technologies can support creativity and represent a more sustainable production for both the environment and society.

Andrea Grossi made THE CLASSIC JEANS

THE CLASSIC JEANS is the garment made by Andrea Grossi for our project, which revises all the fundamental elements of traditional denim, transforming them without losing their identity. This fit is inspired by Levi's® engineered jeans, distinguished by a twisted leg, which creates an ergonomic shape. The wear design of the jean follows a similar principle. The garment was lasered upside down, creating an optical effect meant to keep the DNA of classic jeans but also to give life to unexpected shapes, lines, and geometries.

Who is Andrea Grossi, the designer who values Made in Italy and modern craftsmanship

Andrea Grossi was born in Reggio Emilia in 1996 and studied at Polimoda in Florence. After creatively experimenting at the Tuscan school, he launched his graduate collection in 2019 and was among the finalists of the 35th edition of the festival in Hyères in 2020, when he released his second collection, made with denim, leather, and jersey.

Andrea's work starts with simple and iconic elements of popular culture and mixes them with textile and treatment experimentation. This research is based on Made in Italy and modern craftsmanship to preserve and elevate the know-how that has always been a strength point of this industry in Italy.

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