Tonello x Candiani Denim: THE Laser EXPERIENCE

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THE Laser EXPERIENCE is a project to make everyone discover how new, responsible technologies are redesigning the fashion industry. With our long-lasting partner Tonello, we engaged three young talents, Marcello Pipitone, Andrea Grossi, and Domenico Formichetti, who created their own jeans in our Candiani Custom micro-factory.

Who is Tonello?

Tonello is the world’s leader in manufacturing technologies for garment finishing, with over 9,500 machines sold worldwide. The company, founded in 1981, works with its clients, building a relationship between brands and suppliers that manufacture, dye, and finish garments. Thanks to its progressive machinery and one-of-a-kind service, Tonello contributes to the success of Made in Italy.

What does laser design mean in the fashion industry?

Laser is a technology for garment finishing that aesthetically simulates denim aging and wear. It builds on socially and environmentally sustainable innovation since it replaces manual scratching, which is often performed without the needed precautions.

THE Laser LAB is the laser machine designed by Tonello for small rooms, such as stores and laboratories, for horizontal processing on a fixed 80x80cm table. It has an innovative and extremely compact design and is perfect for producing detailed and high-definition applications thanks to the new laser software CREA, which allows for endless creative solutions, making every operation simple, quick, and intuitive.

Tonello’s machinery reduces the fashion industry's environmental impact

Not all denim fabrics are suitable for lasering. That is why we developed Indigo Juice®, a dyeing technology to make easy-fade fabrics that can be lasered and washed more easily, hence reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption and increasing sustainable efficiency.

In our Candiani Custom micro-factory, we have also adopted Tonello’s responsible vision Laundry (R)evolution, ensuring the lowest consumption in the industry, measured and traced thanks to the software Metro, the highest flexibility, and the possibility of offering a wide range of treatments.

A responsible light wash uses 14.99 l of water and 0.32 kW/h of energy, reducing consumption by 82.7% and 41.8% compared to a traditional wash. Its carbon footprint decreases by 54.1% to 0.17 kg of CO2. A responsible medium wash uses 16.6 l of water and 0.25 kW/h of energy, reducing consumption by 79.8% and 35.9% compared to a traditional wash. Its carbon footprint decreases by 54.5% to 0.15 kg of CO2. A responsible dark wash uses 11.25 l of water and 0.26 kW/h of energy, reducing consumption by 85.6% and 16.1% compared to a traditional wash. Its carbon footprint decreases by 50% to 0.14 kg of CO2.

When a fabric dyed with Indigo Juice® is finished with the most innovative and responsible finishing technologies, it is possible to get extraordinary results in terms of savings and keep the same denim aesthetics. Below is an example of water and chemical savings.

Sustainable innovation serves creativity in THE Laser EXPERIENCE

However, technologies such as laser have become a powerful tool for creativity over time and allow the creation of detailed designs for any style, redefining the fashion industry and its standards. THE Laser EXPERIENCE precisely aims to prove the potential of these new, responsible technologies.

Marcello Pipitone, Andrea Grossi, and Domenico Formichetti prepared their own paper pattern and a laser design to print on their jeans, entirely produced and treated in our Candiani Custom micro-factory. THE Laser EXPERIENCE will be launched on Tuesday, November 21st, 2023, in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan.

Who is Marcello Pipitone?

Marcello Pipitone studied at IED, the European Institute of Design, with the idea of launching a clothing brand that represents him. His creations, which debuted on the runway in 2019, combine urban- and sportswear with craftsmanship. In 2021, the designer was among the finalists of the project Who is on Next?, and in 2023, he was one of the three winners of the CNMI Fashion Trust Grant.

Who is Andrea Grossi?

Andrea Grossi studied at Polimoda in Florence and launched his graduate collection in 2019. In 2020, he was among the finalists of the festival in Hyères, where he released his second collection, made with denim, leather, and jersey. His work is based on Made in Italy and modern craftsmanship, with the aim of preserving and enhancing this know-how, which has traditionally been a strength of Italian manufacturers.

Who is Domenico Formichetti?

Domenico Formichetti studied at Accademia di Brera, where he developed his passion for fashion. His brand Formy Studio conquered the Italian and international rap scene, while his latest, more mature project, PDF, in which innovation is key, is chosen by some of the world’s most famous stars, such as Rihanna, Drake, and Lewis Hamilton.

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