Can you eat your jeans? Obviously not, but…

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After testing our COREVA™ stretch technology in the laboratory with Innovhub and cotton circularity with the Rodale Institute California Organic Center, we decided to explore the intersection of industrial production, fashion, regenerative agriculture, and food. To achieve this, we partnered with the innovative farming project Quintosapore, located in Umbria, to cultivate tomatoes using COREVA™ denim offcuts.

COREVA™ stretch denim scraps can be used in regenerative agriculture

The tomatoes were grown in soil enriched with COREVA™ denim scraps, which are leftover materials from fabric recycling. The Italian chemistry lab Ars Chimica Laboratorio Chimico conducted tests before, during, and after the growth of the plants to compare soil with and without COREVA™. The tests checked for changes in chemicals, heavy materials, colorants, and overall soil health.

The results of the tests showed that adding COREVA™ denim did not change the normal chemical composition of the soil. Additionally, the farmers of Quintosapore noticed consistent moisture levels, which had also been observed in our previous pilot project. This suggests that COREVA™ could help with water retention in soil.

Our COREVA™-grown pasta sauce was served at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards

Our pilot project with Quintosapore was launched during the Green Carpet Fashion Awards (GCFA) in Los Angeles in March 2024. The event saw Amber Valletta posing a challenge to the guests, asking them if they could eat their jeans. The pasta served during the GCFA dinner was indeed seasoned with a sauce made from tomatoes grown with COREVA™.

Furthermore, Valletta wore a bespoke dress designed by the brand Triarchy and made with COREVA™ denim. She explained that her garment, at the end of its useful life, could be used in agriculture to grow plants as well.

We were thrilled to announce the successful outcome of our circularity project there! The GCFA is a platform that brings together the fashion and entertainment industries and recognizes leaders who are making efforts toward positive transformation. It was an invaluable opportunity to showcase our COREVA™ technology and its potential to such a meaningful audience alongside our collaboration with Quintosapore.

What is COREVA™ stretch technology?

COREVA™ stretch technology is a patent owned by Candiani Denim, which enables the production of the world’s first plant-based and plastic-free stretch denim. COREVA™ fabrics maintain the same high quality as Candiani Denim’s other products, offering premium elasticity and aesthetics and unique natural comfort, but they have some added benefits.

This technology has been developed to follow the principles of circularity, ensuring that stretch denim can be composted after use. Tests have confirmed that COREVA™ denim can disintegrate without releasing harmful residues and even help plants grow under the right conditions. Could you imagine a future where you eat what you wear?

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