Candiani Denim and WATCH INSANITY present the exclusive denim watch accessories

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Candiani Denim and WATCH INSANITY partnered to create an exclusive collection of watch straps and rolls in denim, a pretty new material in the watchmaking industry, used to represent an alternative to the most traditional accessories. The products are available at the Candiani Denim Store in piazza Mentana, 3, Milan, and on the online shop of WATCH INSANITY.

The style of Milan influences Candiani Denim and WATCH INSANITY

WATCH INSANITY, founded in 2015, is the leading Italian web magazine specializing in haute horlogerie to tell the stories of products and brands with a high added value in terms of mechanics and design. On its online shop, watch enthusiasts can find a selection of accessories to customize and make their items unique. The first designed by WATCH INSANITY are those made with Candiani Denim’s fabric.

Although we were born in different times and sectors, we share indeed with WATCH INSANITY the love for our area, Milan, that has always influenced style and trends both in fashion and in the watchmaking industry.

The watch straps and rolls have been made with our raw denim

Together with WATCH INSANITY, we made watch straps and rolls in denim. The chosen fabric is 100% cotton rigid denim with a traditional raw aesthetic, which can give every look an innovative touch.

There are two models of straps: MENTANA, a vintage re-edged model with an orange calfskin lining and ecru-colored side stitching that is ideal for both classic and sporty watches; TICINESE, a more contemporary, demi-bombé model for modern, sporty watches, with an orange calfskin lining and tone-on-tone stitching. The two straps are combined with a polished or satin-finished steel buckle custom-made for WATCH INSANITY and are available in different sizes.



The watch rolls have a 3-watches capacity and are available in four different lining colors: blue, orange, green, and yellow.

Click here to learn more about WATCH INSANITY.


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