Candiani Denim’s fabrics become thesis at Politecnico di Milano

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Façade is the project of Chiara Palazzo’s thesis, who graduated in Fashion Design from the School of Design – Politecnico di Milano, made with our denim fabrics. Maxi shoulders, extra-long sleeves, and rough surfaces distinguish the collection, which represents a defense from the gaze of the people around us in a time in which, in contrast, we continuously show ourselves and are judged.

Façade, protection from the risks of social media and new technologies

Chiara Palazzo, with her project Façade, wanted to reflect on the overexposure that characterizes contemporary society. New technologies and the almost obsessive use of social media, indeed, bring us daily to show what we do and to be observed, traced, and, finally, judged.

On the contrary, Façade is a defense, a barrier that protects from external gazes thanks to its impressive silhouettes, distinguished by maxi shoulders, longer sleeves than the arms, and rough surfaces inspired by architecture. The collection is meant for a young and dynamic target and is designed to last over time.

Denim manipulation techniques to make structured garments

Chiara chose to use denim for the traditional features of this casual, young, and resistant fabric. Indeed, denim allowed her to create structured garments, which put together a complete wardrobe and covered different product groups with fabrics of diverse weights, from 270 to 350 grams.

The use of denim was necessary for the different manipulation techniques with which Chiara made every piece unique, treating the fabric both on the front and back side, such as laser cut, embroidery, bleaching, and craquelé, to mention some.

“Working with Candiani’s fabrics was an exciting experience”

“This was my first experience designing a denim collection, and working with Candiani’s fabrics was an exciting experience. Firstly, it gave me room to experiment with textile manipulations. Then it allowed me to create strong, young, and original garments sustainably, which made me learn a lot about design, weights, and fits”, explained Chiara.

We are always proud to collaborate with universities and students. We believe that proper education is necessary not only to grow a new generation of great designers but also to build collective awareness to protect our planet and use resources consciously. Moreover, every time, we look forward to discovering the extraordinary and innovative ideas these emerging talents have to use our fabrics best!

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