Candiani Denim’s new sustainability report is online

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Our new sustainability report is now online! The report concerns the period 2020-2021 and, in addition to explaining sustainability performance and savings in comparison to previous years, describes the main projects, the most important innovations, and the most meaningful goals achieved by Candiani Denim in terms of sustainable development.

What is a sustainability report?

A sustainability report is a document explaining to all the stakeholders what a company decided, did, committed to, and achieved over a given period of time in terms of corporate social responsibility, in addition to how its resources were managed. The report should hence disclose the positive and negative impact of the company.

What are GRI standards?

Our sustainability report was written according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) standards, including a series of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) guidelines recognized worldwide to regulate the analysis of a company, institution, etc. impact on the planet.

Which were the main achievements of Candiani Denim for sustainable development?

To foster sustainable development in the period 2020-2021, in Candiani Denim, we mainly:

You can read the whole report here.

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