Denim-on-denim is back in fashion!

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Denim-on-denim is back in fashion! It was proved not only by the latest spring-summer 2023 and autumn-winter 2023-2024 fashion shows but also by some most recent celebrity choices, who wore total denim during official events and spare time, confirming that our beloved fabric is the most versatile and democratic.

Who can forget Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake’s total denim outfits?

Denim-on-denim was undoubtedly one of the main trends back in the early 2000s when what was hot was (also) decided by one of the world’s most famous couples of that age, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake. Do you remember them at the American Music Awards 2001?

The Canadian Tuxedo has its origin in Bing Crosby

Many people may not know that the denim-on-denim outfit, called Canadian Tuxedo for its peculiar origin, was born some decades before, in 1951. Bing Crosby, one of the biggest stars of his era, was in Vancouver. After a hunting trip, the actor tried to check into a luxury hotel, but the clerk denied it since Crosby wore a Levi’s® denim-on-denim outfit, which was not considered upper class.

A bellhop recognized Crosby, and the issue was immediately solved. While in Canada, the event left the hotel embarrassed, in the United States, Levi’s® was totally thrilled: the company took the opportunity to develop a custom-made tuxedo for Crosby, made with the same traditional denim used for 501® jeans, and called precisely Canadian Tuxedo.

A label patch was put inside the jacket. You still can read: Notice to hotel men everywhere: this label entitles the wearer to be duly received and registered with cordial hospitality at anytime and under any condition. The leather patch also displays where and when Crosby wore his new tuxedo: Silver State Stampede, Elko, Nevada, June 30th, 1951.

How to create a perfect denim outfit

Since it is versatile, denim can easily suit any occasion, style, and age. You can choose a more classic and uniform outfit, such as Stella McCartney. Or release your creativity, mixing several washes, volumes, and fits, such as Diesel. Or, still, combine different colors.

Hence, the secret of the denim-on-denim outfit's success is that it is effortless to create such an outfit. You can match shirts, jackets, blazers, and tops to any jean or short, long, mini, and maxi skirts. Everyone probably has suitable garments in their closet to follow this spring-summer 2023 trend, which can be enhanced by any accessories matching your style: old sneakers to high heels, from colorful bags to a simple white tank top; everything can be worn with denim!

Photo by Maarten van der Kamp

And if many garments are still inspired by the traditional denim use, i.e., workwear, such as the suit made by Benzak Denim Developers and Bonne Suits Amsterdam using our eco-selvedge fabric, over the years, denim has become universal and perfect also for most feminine stylings, as Bella Hadid showed. 

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