Gabba celebrates its 40th anniversary with limited edition jeans made with selvedge denim

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Gabba is turning 40! The Danish brand cherishes the legacy of denim, and over the years, creativity has also found its way into the vision of its growing team. To celebrate the important anniversary in 2023, Gabba launched a limited edition of jeans made with our traditional selvedge denim.

Denim legacy and craftsmanship blend into Gabba’s vision

Gabba was founded by Ole and Karen Madsen in 1983 when they launched their own collection, fueled by their passion for denim and its legacy. Ole passed the torch to his sons Nikolaj and Jakob, but the brand’s vision has remained unchanged.

Denim is one of the most durable fabrics, also due to the love everyone feels for their favorite pair of jeans, explains the brand on its website. That is why Gabba’s ultimate goal is to build bonds with its community that last a lifetime. Craftsmanship was and still is one of the brand’s main values, too.

40 years of denim at Gabba mean a selvedge limited edition

Gabba’s 40th-anniversary limited edition jeans debuted on November 15th, 2023. They are made with our 15 oz. dark blue and black selvedge denim, a fabric encompassing the most traditional characteristics of denim. Gabba’s limited edition jeans, available on the brand’s website, are raw, meaning they have not been washed in an industrial process and have kept their authentic aesthetic. They will hence fade according to their owner’s habits and use, telling a unique story.

“The choice of Candiani fabric is due to the beauty of the fabric at first. A special dark blue-black color that embodies the Gabba essence in many ways. Candiani fabric, to us, represents quality, honesty, and beauty. A company that, through different generations, has maintained the core business intact but with an evolution towards the future. Moreover, Gabba always had a special attachment towards Italy”, said Enrico Severini, Design Manager at Gabba.

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