Gilet Munari was reborn with a new denim limited edition by Corraini Edizioni and Blue of a Kind

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In 1992, Corraini Edizioni asked artist and designer Bruno Munari to design a display stand to present some books from the new series called Block Notes, “a loose collection of ideas and projects in a pocket-sized book format, with holes in the cover to spark readers’ interest”, as written in the publishing house website. He made a gilet. In 2023, the garment was revised to a new denim version.

What is the gilet that Bruno Munari invented for Corraini Edizioni?

The project was born from the participation of Corraini Edizioni and Bruno Munari in Parole in tasca (Words in pocket), the pocket-sized book exhibition at Castello di Belgioioso in Milan. Their aim was to present Flight of fancy and Alla faccia!, the first books of the new series Block Notes, designed by the artist for the publishing house.

“We asked Munari to devise a display stand for all the books, and he came up with a gilet. It is made with all sorts of fabrics to create varied textures, which reminds us we can learn through all five senses, from sight to touch”, said Maurizio Corraini, co-founder of the publishing house.

Munari invented a new way to display, combining publishing, art, and fashion industries and making a gilet with many pockets in different sizes to contain various types of pocket-sized books, with varied textures and shades to provide multiple feelings end experience to touch.

Gilet Munari 1992-2023 was made with upcycled and responsible denim

More than thirty years later, Corraini Edizioni and Blue of a Kind paid tribute to Bruno Munari’s project with a brand-new version of his garment, Gilet Munari 1992-2023, made with upcycled fabrics and apparel, crafted with an innovative and sustainable approach. A limited edition of 200 garments inspired by the designer’s spirit.

Blue of a Kind manufactured the new gilet limited edition using upcycled denim clothing combined with responsible fabrics and yarns, such as TENCEL™ LUXE and REFIBRA™ by Lenzing. The original blue color remained, while grey was replaced by pink, which Munari often used in its brightest shade, Dilma, from the name of the artist’s wife.

Gilet Munari 1992-2023 was made along a responsible supply chain by renowned Italian textile companies, including Candiani Denim. We supplied our ReGen fabric containing recycled cotton and REFIBRA™ technology by TENCEL™

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