HIGH Everyday Couture chooses regenagri®’s regenerative cotton for RESPONSIBLY INNOVATIVE

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HIGH Everyday Couture is always looking for ways to innovate and develop new styles. For its upcoming summer 2024 collection, the brand has once again turned to denim. This fabric offers an almost limitless number of processing methods throughout its production, including creating finished garments.

Italian craftsmanship meets the authentic character of denim

In the new capsule collection, RESPONSIBLY INNOVATIVE, HIGH Everyday Couture has decided to embrace the most authentic and distinctive character of denim, starting with the individuality of every garment, which reflects the lifestyle of the wearer. RESPONSIBLY INNOVATIVE showcases this denim feature with sartorial silhouettes that remind us of sculptures made with new volumes to wrap, drape, and fold in different layers, seams, and panels. The garments are finished with raw-cut edges, metallic embroideries, artisanal seams, overdyes, and laser effects.

This capsule collection aims to go beyond the ordinary and be a part of the search for individual expression. It also pays homage to the timeless fascination of typically Italian craftsmanship and creativity. The whole production process happens, indeed, in Italy. The details of the creations upset traditional rules and invent a new language, blending familiar words we all associate with denim with some we have never heard before.

What is regenerative cotton?

HIGH has recently collaborated with Candiani Denim to create their new denim capsule collection. The collection features one ecru and two indigo fabrics of varying weights and casts. One of them is part of our lightweight denim collection. The primary focus of the collection is on regenagri® certified regenerative cotton. The cotton is grown using practices that aim to maximize their positive impact on rebalancing the natural functions of ecosystems, improving soil health and biodiversity, storing CO2 underground, and enhancing hydrogen, carbon, and nutrient cycles.

We are proud to be the first company that was Chain of Custody certified by regenagri®. This initiative supports the transition towards regenerative agriculture through continuous improvement and provides its members with a standard to measure and monitor their progress and the relative environmental benefits. regenagri® evaluates the data of each farm individually, considering the specific needs of the regional conditions of their areas. This makes its standard applicable everywhere in the world and farmer-friendly.

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