Nudie Jeans’ invitation to make black selvedge denim unique

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Nudie Jeans is a denim brand recognized for its commitment to environmental and social sustainability and for staying true to fabric’s tradition. These two values are woven into some of our most iconic fabrics: the selvedge (or selvage) ones, chosen by Nudie Jeans for some very special features. Let’s see them.

“Create tomorrow’s vintage” is Nudie Jeans’ call against mass consumption

Nudie Jeans was founded in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 2001. Wear, tear, reuse, and repair are the pillars of the denim brand, which is well-known worldwide for standing for a more sustainable industry while staying true to the denim tradition. Nudie Jeans’ products are made with organic cotton, and its production processes are transparent.

“Create tomorrow’s vintage” is the brand’s call to fight mass consumption and states that clothes become more beautiful the more you wear and repair them. Nudie Jeans has a program to collect, resell, and reuse pre-owned jeans and offers free repairs to its clients.

“We value Candiani’s range of organic cotton fabrics and proudly offer the ‘Onyx Selvage’ line made of its easy-fading black selvedge denim”

Nudie Jeans chose to use our fabrics since we share the same values. Jonas Mossberg, Research and Development Engineer at Nudie Jeans, explained: “As we work exclusively with organic cotton, we value Candiani’s diverse range of GOTS-certified fabrics. Among these offerings, the SL6574 line stands as a testament to excellence in selvage denim, showcasing splendid ring-spun character that gracefully ages over time, developing a captivating 3-dimensional texture. It’s a prime example of how ring-spun yarn ‘imperfections’ are expertly transformed into perfections, a craft we usually associate with Japanese selvage denim. We proudly offer the SL6574 Titanio Appeal Preshrunk in a dry and rinsed option, bearing the name Onyx Selvage. Featuring Candiani’s ‘easy fading’ sulfur black warp and indanthrene ‘stay black’ weft, this denim provides an engaging break-in experience characterized by intriguing texture and pronounced contrasting wear marks. In a broader context, Candiani’s contribution to the world of European-made denim stands as pioneering and transformative. Their dedication and craftsmanship not only redefine the standards of quality but also elevate the significance of denim manufacturing in Europe. To us, Candiani’s Riserva selvage denim line stands as the ultimate testament to their achievements in this regard”.

Nudie Jeans invites make their black selvedge denim fade for six months

Denim is the only fabric that becomes more beautiful when it ages. Raw denim, especially, fades according to the habits and the use of the person wearing it.

“Dyed to create brilliant fades. The Onyx Selvage ages quicker than your average black selvage denim. Wear at least six months before the first wash to get those high contrasting fades and pronounced lines”, states Nudie Jeans’ campaign, inviting customers to observe how their jeans change their appearance after use.

Nudie Jeans also values black denim. As explained in the brand’s blog, “the increased popularity of black jeans was largely driven by rock’n’roll, mod, and counter-culture movements, all of which aimed to differentiate themselves from the norm”, and, in the 1980s and 1990s, “the significance of black jeans grew among subcultures that rejected conventional fashion norms”. Today, black denim is widely used, but Nudie Jeans does not forget its rebellious origins and embraces it to turn the denim industry standards upside down.

Here are some photos of how our SL6574 Titanio Appeal Preshrunk fabric, an organic cotton, 15 oz. black denim with a red selvedge ID, evolves after months of being worn.

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