Spring-summer 2023 denim shirt is oversized

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Denim shirts are one of the main spring-summer 2023 trends, especially when oversized. This garment, basic and essential, suits all body types and styles, which is why many brands, celebrities, and influencers love it. Let's see some tips to create a perfect denim shirt outfit.

Denim on denim

We have seen that denim on denim with both jeans and skirts is back in fashion, and the denim shirt is the perfect garment to complete it, suitable for the sudden temperature leaps which characterize spring. You can match different colors and washes or go for a uniform outfit in which top and bottom garments are precisely the same.

Denim shirt matched with different fabrics

Denim on denim has been one of the most beloved trends at the beginning of 2023, but denim shirts are so versatile they can match long or short pants (or skirts or even dresses) in any color, fabric, and fit. For instance, classic black trousers are perfect for a light-washed denim shirt.

Moreover, denim shirts can give a casual touch to elegant garments, such as a long, sequin skirt with a vent.

Oversized fit

Denim shirts with classic fits are still popular, as well as cropped shirts that can be worn to enhance layering, but oversized and genderless fits are the favorite in spring-summer 2023. Comfortable, loose-fitting garments are often only partially buttoned and are perfect for every sporty, spare-time outfit, but they can be more formal when worn with a pair of elegant shoes.

Lightweight denim for the warmest season

Lightweight denim is for sure the most suitable for the warmest season, no matter which style you choose to wear. Our Leggera collection combines authentic aesthetics with regenerative cotton certified by regenagri® and allows a fresh sensation to your skin. Click here to learn more.

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