Tempi sbagliati, the sustainability podcast for Gen Z

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Tempi sbagliati (which means wrong times) is the new podcast by Gruppo CAP produced by DUDE Originals to talk about sustainability to Gen Z. Tempi sbagliati, available from September 20th, 2022, on the major streaming service platforms, is a journey to understand what dealing with sustainability means for managers.

A podcast by Gruppo CAP, with the guidance of Sofia Pasotto

Sofia Pasotto leads the podcast. She is a young Italian influencer who cares about environmental challenges and every day aims to make her followers, who are mainly under 30, more aware to adopt daily responsible behaviors to preserve our planet.

Tempi sbagliati is Gruppo CAP’s third podcast. Each episode focuses on the concept of sustainability applied to a different industry and has one of its representatives as a guest. Gruppo CAP manages the integrated water service of the metropolitan city of Milan, guaranteeing public control of the member bodies and respecting the principles of transparency, responsibility, and participation.

Simon Giuliani guest in the episode about sustainable fashion

Simon Giuliani, global marketing director at Candiani Denim, is the guest in the second episode of Tempi sbagliati, focused on sustainable fashion and the importance of making conscious choices when we buy our clothes. He encourages the listeners to put their attention to the products’ quality.

Reducing the fast fashion environmental impact through circularity and balance between demand and supply

The fast fashion environmental impact is huge. Fast fashion is responsible for approximately 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. About 160 billion garments are produced annually, but 40% are sold out or remain unsold. Around 25 billion of these new clothes are then destroyed (75% end up in landfill, 25% burned).

Two possible solutions pinpointed by Simon Giuliani are:

You can hear the entire episode on Spotify (in Italian) here.

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