The eco-line A BETTER BLUE by Closed origins from the Candiani Denim fabrics

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Closed is a long-standing partner of Candiani Denim. The brand was founded in 1978 in Hamburg and focuses on high-quality products, fair craftsmanship, and minimal environmental impact. Closed has denim at its core and developed an eco-friendly, made-in-Italy denim line called A BETTER BLUE.

Closed manufactures in Europe to make low-impact products

More than 80% of Closed’s products are made in Europe. Favoring local manufacturing ensures the brand reduces its products’ environmental and social impact thanks to short distances and fair work standards and values European traditional high quality.

A BETTER BLUE chooses organic and recycled denim and eco-friendly dyeing

Closed developed its A BETTER BLUE line with its Italian denim partners: our mill and the Everest laundry. The collection was launched in 2018 and aims to save water, energy, and chemicals. In 2022, 75% of the jeans made by Closed belonged to A BETTER BLUE.

A BETTER BLUE collection is made in Italy and based on three pillars: sustainable materials, innovative and eco-friendly dyeing processes, and low-impact washes. A pair of jeans has to fulfill at least two of these criteria to be included in the A BETTER BLUE line.

Closed prefers organic and recycled materials for its denim collections, such as organic cotton and recycled cotton and elastane, and focuses on circularity. The brand also introduced, in 2022, PCR (post-consumer recycled) cotton from old, discarded jeans in its line and uses COREVA™, our patented biodegradable and compostable stretch denim.

“We share the same visions, as proved by our eco-friendly denim line”

Candiani is by far our most important denim supplier. Not just because of their outstanding qualities and their pioneering innovations in the field of ecological denim manufacturing, but also because we speak the same language. Sharing the same visions and understanding the needs and goals of each other is for sure one of the strongest columns our partnership is based on. A good example of such a shared vision is our eco-friendly denim line A BETTER BLUE, which we introduced in 2018 with the help of Candiani’s Kitotex® qualities”, said Uwe Kippschnieder, Senior Denim Developer at Closed.

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