The French brand Asphalte takes a new production approach

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The French brand Asphalte was founded in 2016 to offer an alternative solution to the current fashion production and consumption models. They believe it is useless to have plenty of different garments and that having fewer clothes but of higher quality is better. Their goal is to take a new approach to production and to teach consumers to buy less to create a fashion system that makes sense.

Pre-ordering minimized overproduction

Pre-ordering is the primary tool used by Asphalte. Pre-ordering means that some costs can be cut to focus on improving quality. Clients are the ones who make production start to minimize stock and hence overproduction.

Moreover, before designing their garments, Asphalte asks customers what they want, so they can help plan the collection and get what they expect. Later, they ask their clients if they are satisfied with their products to improve what they offer.

Asphalte’s products are developed to be attractive but comfortable and, above all, durable and timeless. Their items appear again each year since there is no need to change what makes consumers happy.

“We believe we can create a fashion that makes sense”

According to this philosophy, Aspalthe chooses suppliers and manufacturers with the same values of quality, responsibility, and flexibility. They also aim to stay local and keep things traceable to reduce the impact of what they produce.

“At Asphalte, we believe we can create a fashion that makes sense. It’s clear that more and more people want their purchases to have meaning. They want to know where the raw materials have come from and who has worked on them. It’s up to future brands to be transparent and choose the right partners to make sure they’re never ashamed to reveal all. Working with Candiani makes perfect sense in this regard”, said the Asphalte team.

Asphalte chooses regenerative cotton, Indigo Juice®, and Kitotex®

Asphalte decided to count on our KR4252RG K-New Pure denim, made with the regenagri® cotton and dyed and sized with our Indigo Juice® and Kitotex® technologies.

regenagri® certifies the presence of regenerative cotton in the final product, which aims to restore the natural functions of the ecosystem.

Indigo Juice® optimizes the dyeing process, keeping the dye more superficial on yarns and making hence the fading easier. The dye can be washed down using only a fraction of the water, energy, and chemicals usually used.

Kitotex® is a sizing technology we patented based on chitosan and helps reduce water and energy consumption in the fabric production process. Chitosan is a natural polymer that can be obtained from different sources. We use the mushroom-based, replacing the PVA (polyvinyl alcohol)-based substances conventionally used in the sizing process.  

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