The Green Carpet Fashion Awards celebrated positive transformation in the fashion industry

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The Green Carpet Fashion Awards is the annual event uniting the fashion and entertainment industries to celebrate those forces which are able to bring positive transformation and move the culture forward. In 2023, they represented to us also an occasion to return to our second home, Los Angeles.

Six archetypes offering solutions to mitigate environmental impact and social issues were honored

Naomi Campbell, Leonardo DiCaprio, LP, and many others from the fashion and entertainment industries joined the event, co-chaired by Viola Davis, Quannah Chasinghorse, Cate Blanchett, Livia Firth, Tom Ford, Simu Liu, and Simone Ashley.

Livia Firth, Tom Ford, and Cate Blanchett

The GCFA celebrated six cultural archetypes which can foster collective transformation in any community.

The Visionary

The Visionary award, presented by Trudie Styler, went to Tom Ford, for the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize with Lonely Whale, a competition to find real and scalable solutions to one of the most alarming environmental problems, i.e., the use of oil-based plastics

“I started this prize three years ago with a harrowing fear that the world our children would inherit would no longer be a livable one. I wanted to be a part of the solution, not be an arbiter of the problem. Watching the brilliant minds within this competition has given me extraordinary hope in making the impossible possible”, explained Tom Ford. 

The Healer 

The Healer award, presented by Leonardo di Caprio, went to Sônia Guajajara, Brazil’s Minister for Indigenous People, for her dedication to protecting and regenerating the Amazon rainforests and supporting the rights of indigenous people

“Indigenous peoples make up only 5% of the world's population, but together we protect the equivalent of 80% of the planet's biodiversity. Therefore, recognition and an award as important as this one is essential for this cause to be seen and recognized by many different people. Because the fight for the indigenous cause is a humanitarian fight. By protecting the environment and indigenous territories, we also manage to protect life on the planet, the air and water we breathe and drink here on this side of the world”, stated Sônia Guajajara. 

“Many understand the impact that the fashion industry has on our environment and the opportunity it has to pioneer solutions. Thank you to the GCFA for giving me the opportunity to honor Minister Sônia Guajajara, her strong leadership position, coupled with her commitment and tenacity, fills me with boundless hope”, said Leonardo DiCaprio.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Sônia Guajajara

The Futurist 

The Futurist award, presented by Pokimane, went to Gucci, for digitally transforming the luxury fashion industry. 

“We have always wanted to be able to understand what it means to exist in these spaces, going beyond traditional metrics to focus on creating the perfect conditions to nurture creative talent within the community and for its future generations. Fashion today intersects with contemporary culture more than ever before and we must use this reach and power to build communities where people can be their unique selves while supporting freedom of expression and creativity”, explained Robert Triefus, Gucci Vault and Metaverse Ventures CEO. 

The Sage 

The Sage award, presented by Mike D, went to Gabriela Hearst, CEO of Chloé Said, for her tireless commitment to reshaping the fashion industry by focusing on rewilding the environment, supporting indigenous creative leaders, and building products and marketplaces for those who are usually overlooked. 

 “Things for us to get us into climate success. One, is we need the limitations of the geopolitical lines where we're not commoditizing our planet anymore. The oceans have been subsidizing the global economy. Number two, we need clean energy because as long as we don't have abundant clean energy, and we use 80% of the world's fossil fuels to move this world we're working, we're walking into doom. So, my belief is in fusion energy. Third, the empowerment of women. If we do not have women in power positions, either C-Suite positions, CEOs, or boardrooms, we all need women because when we lift, we lift all of us up. Four, this is where the community can help with the change of consciousness. We need to change and observe the way we think, our brain still moves in the hunter and gatherers days. The reactions that we do, they're not perfect for the times that we need”, stated Gabriela Hearst. 

The Rebel 

The Rebel award, presented by Simu Liu, went to Eric Liedtke, co-founder of UNLESS Collective, for the commitment of the UNLESS Collective to bringing together innovators, engineers, artists, and activists to work on serious issues in the fashion industry, such as overproduction, plastics, waste, and environmental impact. 

“The time is now for the fashion industry to start producing products with the end in mind. With UNLESS, we have proven you can create statement products that not only push the boundaries of style and design but also set a new standard for true sustainability in fashion through our regenerative creation model”, said Eric Liedtke. 

The Messenger 

The Messenger award, presented by Jerry Hall, went to Andreas Kronthaler, Creative Director of Vivienne Westwood, for being a game changer in amplifying the truth for over 25 years. 

“Founded by Vivienne in 2019, the Vivienne Foundation exists to create a better world and implement Vivienne's plans. The foundation’s goal is to work with NGOs and individuals to raise awareness and create tangible change. Vivienne was always willing to change her mind and strategy. Her activism is what she truly lived for and we will continue to honor her and her relentless fight for justice”, explained Cora Corré, who accepted the award on behalf of Andreas Kronthaler. 

The honorary awards 

During the event, Alicia Silverstone received the GCFA Integrity Honor, presented by Quannah Chasinghorse, Edward Enninful, Editor-in-Chief of British Vogue, the GCFA Game Changer Honor, presented by Jodie Turner-Smith.

Alicia Silverstone and Quannah Chasinghorse

14 young female leaders, presented by Annie Lennox, got special recognition for their role in addressing environmental challenges, civil rights, equality, and global feminism and in building a better future for everyone.

We support the effective efforts of bringing positive change in the fashion industry

We believe it will become increasingly important to make collective efforts to bring positive change in the fashion world and to be part of the effective initiatives that do that. That is why we decided to participate in the GCFA, which focus on such actions, celebrating those who offer real solutions to urgent environmental and social issues. We were proud to join those remarkable people, working tirelessly to build a more responsible fashion industry and to see them rewarded for their efforts.

“We are honored to support the GCFA 2023 in order to encourage and celebrate those who really innovate the fashion industry. In Los Angeles, we feel at home. My father created the fabric, which became the signature style of the LA premium denim industry. Now we are building on his legacy, delivering a unique combination of textile heritage, high quality, and sustainable innovation, the three core values for every successful denim brand out here”, said Alberto Candiani.

“In the midst of Oscar week, indigenous women, environmental activists, and fashion changemakers were the stars at GCFA, which was held for the first time in Los Angeles at NeueHouse Hollywood. The starry celebration honored environmental and social sustainability in fashion, entertainment, and beyond”, wrote The Hollywood Reporter

Alberto Candiani, LP, and Gabriela Giovanardi

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