Japanese traditional clothing reinterpreted by Domenico Formichetti for THE Laser EXPERIENCE by Tonello x Candiani Denim

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Domenico Formichetti is one of the designers involved in THE Laser EXPERIENCE, the project we launched with our long-lasting partner Tonello to prove that new and responsible fabric and finishing technologies can support creativity. The traditional Japanese patchwork clothes inspired his jean.

THE Laser EXPERIENCE by Tonello x Candiani Denim represents sustainable innovation in the textile industry

THE Laser EXPERIENCE involved three young designers, Domenico Formichetti, Andrea Grossi, and Marcello Pipitone, who designed their jeans’ fit and laser pattern in our micro-factory Candiani Custom. We launched this project with Tonello, a leader in garment finishing technologies and the supplier of the laser machine we use in our micro-factory.

Laser technologies are used to simulate denim aging and wear and replace manual scratching, a conventional operation in the industry, but harmful if not performed with the needed precautions. Not all fabrics are suitable for laser treatments. That is why THE Laser EXPERIENCE aims to showcase both how creativity can work with new technologies and how they represent increased environmental and social sustainability.

Domenico Formichetti revised the traditional Japanese boro stitching

Domenico Formichetti reinterpreted traditional Japanese boro thanks to laser technology. Boro means rags or scraps and indicates the garments made in the North of Japan between the 19th and 20th centuries to survive cold weather. Since it was impossible to grow cotton, the populations were forced to remake and patch hemp fabrics, passing down their knowledge and creations to the following generations.

Who is Domenico Formichetti?

Domenico Formichetti was born in Chieti in 1993 and developed a strong passion for fashion after arriving in Milan to study graphic design at Accademia di Brera. His new life in the big city contributed to the personal and artistic growth of the designer. At the same time, the urgency to express himself brought him to develop his first project, FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), and, later, the sneakers collection Hot Stuff, and the brand Formy Studio, which conquered the Italian and international rap scene from Dark Polo Gang and Sfera Ebbasta to J Balvin, Tyga, and Swae Lee.

Meanwhile, Domenico traveled from France to Japan, meeting new people and gaining new experiences that made him know other styles. This evolution made him release his new, more mature project: PDF, in which innovation is key. In PDF, urban- and streetwear blend and become more refined thanks to in-depth research on fabrics, construction, and garment finishing, which combines design and utilitarianism. That is why PDF is chosen by some of the leading international stars, such as Rihanna, Drake, and Lewis Hamilton.

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