Marcello Pipitone inspired by the streets of Milan for THE Laser EXPERIENCE by Tonello x Candiani Denim

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Marcello Pipitone is among the three designers who made their jean for THE Laser EXPERIENCE, the project we presented with Tonello to show how creativity is linked to new, responsible fabric and garment finishing technologies. Marcello decided to work with raw denim, which has the most authentic aesthetic.

THE Laser EXPERIENCE wants to show how to reduce the environmental impact of fashion while supporting creativity

Marcello Pipitone, Domenico Formichetti, and Andrea Grossi are the designers involved in the project by Tonello x Candiani Denim THE Laser EXPERIENCE, for which they designed a fit and a laser pattern for a custom jean made in our Candiani Custom micro-factory. Tonello is one of the partners that supported us in setting up the micro-factory, supplying us with the laser machine and other machinery, and is a leading company in the garment finishing technology industry.

The laser represents a huge innovation from an environmental and social perspective since it simulates denim wear and aging without resorting to dangerous operations such as manual scratching, often performed without the necessary precautions. However, not all fabrics are suitable to be lasered. THE Laser EXPERIENCE aims to show the potential of new responsible technologies and how they can combine with creativity.

Marcello Pipitone made a jean with an all-over pattern

Marcello Pipitone chose raw denim, which is not washed in an industrial process, to create his custom jean. His laser pattern was inspired by the streets of Milan, especially by manhole covers, and the designer decided to have an all-over laser print on the entire garment. The jean is longer than the leg to create creases around the ankle and above the shoe.

Who is Marcello Pipitone, the designer who launched a brand inspired by the suburb Bonola

Marcello Pipitone was born in Bonola, a residential suburb of Milan, in 1996. After playing basketball and athletics at a competitive level achieving excellent results in national competitions, he studied graphic design at the Umberto Boccioni school of arts, where he discovered the freedom of bringing his ideas to life. Inspired by the artistic world and its subcultures, Marcello became passionate about graffiti, clandestine races, and Milanese nightlife, and, during his last high school three years, he discovered the fascination of colors and balancing shapes and volumes, developing his own way to see the world.

The designer studied at IED (European Institute of Design), aiming to launch a clothing brand that represents him and satisfies his need to express something he cannot tell with words, combining the urban environment with sport and craftsmanship to amaze, aggregate people, and make them smile. In 2019, Marcello’s collection debuted on the catwalk. In 2021, the designer was among the finalists of the project Who is on Next?, and in 2023, he was one of the three winners of the CNMI Fashion Trust Grant.

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