Triarchy and Bergdorf Goodman showcase COREVA™, the first plastic-free stretch denim

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Conscious Curation is the pop-up installation that Triarchy and Bergdorf Goodman dedicated to our patented COREVA™ stretch technology and the pilot project with Quintosapore to celebrate Earth Month. The special installation features our plastic-free stretch denim, tomato plants grown with its offcuts, and the resulting tomato sauce.

Amber Valletta launched our pilot project at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards 2024

COREVA™ is the world’s first plastic-free stretch denim, engineered to compost at the end of its life. We partnered with the innovative farm Quintosapore to explore the intersection of fashion, regenerative agriculture, and food in a circular business model in which COREVA™ offcuts, i.e., the inevitable waste of jeans recycling process, are used to grow plants. Tests proved that the addition of COREVA™ had no negative impact on soil but supported its healthy natural functions. Improved water retention was also noticed.

This pilot project was officially launched in March 2024 during the GCFA (Green Carpet Fashion Awards) in Los Angeles. Amber Valletta, who was wearing a bespoke dress designed by LA-based brand Triarchy and made with COREVA™ denim, announced that the guests were about to eat pasta seasoned with tomatoes grown using COREVA™ scraps. Triarchy holds exclusivity on COREVA™ denim in North America until the end of 2024.

Triarchy’s COREVA™ denim dress is available for sale at Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus

The installation at Bergdorf Goodman was inaugurated on April 18th. Alongside Triarchy’s collection, tomato plants grown with COREVA™, and the resulting tomato sauce, the tuxedo dress created for the GCFA was showcased and is exclusively available at the department store and selected Neiman Marcus locations. Guests could also taste small bites made with the COREVA™ tomato sauce.

According to Triarchy’s co-founder and creative director, Adam Taubenfligel, such actions serve to highlight the existence of scalable solutions to drive the fashion industry towards sustainability. Our mill and the US brand represent a perfect match for bringing innovation to the final consumers and linking COREVA™ with one of the things we most care about, i.e., food and, hence, human health, is a powerful and clear tool to do that.

Photos: © Leandro Justen

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