MADH x Candiani Denim, a jeans collection with European and regenerative Blue Seed cotton

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On April 4th, we launched a new collection in collaboration with the Swedish brand MADH. This collection features clothing made exclusively with our regenerative and European Blue Seed cotton. The Blue Seed cotton is a special non-genetically modified hybrid variety developed by Candiani Denim in partnership with Gowan Seed Company. Let’s take a look at what MADH has created using this unique cotton.

What are the values of MADH?

MADH is a brand that was born out of a global collective of individuals who are passionate about innovation and pushing the denim industry beyond its limits. Based in Sweden, the aim of the brand is to challenge traditional methods of creating collections using the latest technologies and innovations, engaging users, and promoting responsible and sustainable productionTo achieve this goal and create the highest-quality products, MADH partners with industry experts throughout the entire supply chain from fiber to garment. The brand hopes to start a new era in the jeans industry by prioritizing transparency, creativity, and technology.

Candiani Denim and MADH share a passion for innovation. Our aim is to combine product innovation with a new approach to branding that fosters organic growth, creates a strong product culture, and builds customer loyalty over time. MADH offers a range of collections for a complete outfit, with 80% of the focus on denim and jeans. The garments are not seasonal, and many fits are unisex, with an evergreen with an edge taste.

What’s Blue Seed regenerative cotton?

MADH has recently launched a new collection that is based on the use of Blue Seed, which is a cotton seed developed in collaboration with Gowan Seed Company, an international group operating in different areas of the farming industry. We have exclusive access to this seed, and this allows us to allocate it to the farmers we choose and to fully trace what happens in the supply chain of our cotton.

Blue Seed cotton is a hybrid variety that does not contain any genetically modified organisms (GMO). The hybrid seeds cause the phenomenon of heterosis, or hybrid vigor, which results in increased biological functions compared to their parents. Therefore, Blue Seed cotton is distinguished by a longer and more resistant fiber with superior physical characteristics than conventional cotton. This cotton can be used to make high-quality, soft, and durable fabrics.

In addition, this seed is developed to be grown even under arid soil conditions, making it more resistant in the fields. This requires a lower amount of resources to be cultivated and represents a perfect alternative in rotational crop, which is common in regenerative agriculture.

MADH’s collection uses Spanish regenerative cotton

The Blue Seed cotton used by MADH was grown by Algosur, a farm located in Spain, using regenerative agriculture techniques. We find many benefits in using European cotton. By sourcing it close to our production factories, we reduce the supply chain’s complexity, lower the risk of finding false claims, and minimize emissions. Additionally, the European Union adheres to some of the strictest industry standards for using chemicals and GMOs.

The collaboration between MADH and Candiani Denim is more than just a collection. It’s an ongoing partnership where Candiani Denim’s fabrics become integral to MADH’s DNA. The denim developed for MADH meets the brand’s sustainable principles, including durability to extend product life, circularity by using post-consumer recycled cotton, and the less is more concept by using fewer fabrics to create collections.

Thanks to its peculiarities, Blue Seed cotton gives strength and durability to fabrics. According to Elmendorf’s and Grab’s tests, it is 30% more durable than conventional cotton. The Blue Seed warp is 9,300 to 10,500 g, while the conventional cotton warp is from 6,660 to 7,700 g, according to Elmendorf. According to Grab, Blue Seed warp ranges from 98.1 to 130 kg, while conventional cotton warp ranges from 70 to 99.3 kg.

Moreover, Blue Seed cotton addresses the weakness of post-consumer recycled cotton. These fibers result from the program with Humana People to People Italia and Filatura Astro. The recycling process occurs within only 60 km, making it a low carbon footprint.

Finally, MADH’s founder, Martin Gustafsson, has vast experience in the denim industry. He uses the lowest variety of fabrics in his collections, which are then offered in a wide range of washes. This approach allows for consistency and a unified identity of the brand’s collections and a less fragmented supply chain.

MADH x Candiani Denim’s collection is now available in the brand’s online store, as well as at its best international retailers. You can also find it at the Candiani Denim Store, located at piazza Mentana, 3, Milan.

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