Tgr Lombardia visits Candiani Denim to discover the latest sustainable innovations

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Tgr Lombardia is a daily news program aired on Rai 3 that covers the latest news in the region. They recently visited our production factory to learn about the origin of Candiani Denim’s fabrics, as well as our new project with Lenzing AG to recycle their glacier covers. Additionally, they wanted to explore our new patent, COREVA™, which enables the creation of the first stretch denim that can be composted. Let’s watch their report and share the details of our latest innovations.

The pilot project with Lenzing to save glaciers and recycle fibers

TGR Lombardia began their report by showcasing images from the presentation titled Glacial Threads: From Forests to Future Textiles, held on March 21st, which is the International Day of Forests. The presentation was held at the Palais des Nations, United Nations Office in Geneva.

Lenzing, an Austrian group, conducted a pilot project to create a cover made of biodegradable and microplastic-free cellulosic LENZING™ fibers to help protect glaciers from melting. This pioneering project was extended through the collaboration of Marchi & Fildi, Candiani Denim, and Blue of a Kind to promote circularity in the textile industry.

Simon Giuliani, Global Marketing Director at Candiani Denim, expressed, “What we did together was to think about the longer-term of these covers, considering their end-of-life. We recycled them and created a new denim fabric with this fiber to be used for clothing.”

As part of the March 21st presentation, maestro Michelangelo Pistoletto revised one of his most iconic artworks, Third Paradise, with Lenzing’s white cover.

Process and product innovations, from Sound Dye to COREVA™

Tgr Lombardia emphasized that our company has been implementing environmental innovations since 1974 when the area surrounding our factory was transformed into the newly established Ticino Park. At that time, sustainability was not yet a widely recognized concept in most industries and countries.

We have recently introduced several process innovations, such as using ultrasound in rinsing vats to save approximately one-third of the water typically used and looms that consume only one-third of the energy required by conventional ones.

COREVA™ is a revolutionary product innovation that, for the first time, replaces synthetic polymers with natural rubber from trees in stretch denim fabric. It has won The Groundbreaker Award from The National Chamber for Italian Fashion for its game-changing characteristics.

Click here to watch the video (in Italian).

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