The partnership between Candiani Denim and lifestyle brand, renowned for its scientific approach to materials, Pangaia, marks a new chapter in the history of denim with the creation of nettle denim. The nettle for this fabric was sourced from the mountain forests of the Himalayas. The sustainable management of this wild crop helps to absorb CO2 from the atmosphere and stabilise the landslide prone slopes of the region. Being harvested by local farmers during the low season provides them with an additional income stream. The fibre properties of nettle are unique by being extremely durable yet soft to the touch and breathable thanks to their hollow core. To create this exclusive fabric for Pangaia, characterized by an unmistakable purple selvedge, the nettle fibers were mixed with organic cotton and worked on vintage shuttle looms.

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Pangaia Pangaia
Denham The Jeanmaker x Air Max Denham The Jeanmaker x Air Max

Denham The Jeanmaker x Air Max

Jason Denham is not just a jeans manufacturer: he is, above all, a true denim enthusiast, with whom we have been partnering since he founded his brand. The reinterpretation of the iconic Air Max 90 and Air Max 95 trainers with denim elements has been one of the most thrilling collaborations we have been part of. Latest-generation black, indigo and ecru denim fabrics were carefully combined to create an authentically retro unisex design that celebrates the best of our two worlds.

Stella McCartney

Commitment and the search for new sustainable fashion solutions are an integral part of Stella McCartney’s DNA. Thanks to the vision that unites us, they agreed to be one of the first brands in the world to launch the innovative COREVA™ stretch technology through a collaboration aimed at raising awareness in the luxury sector.

Stella McCartney Stella McCartney
Busnelli, sedia Fiocco e Armadillo Busnelli, sedia Fiocco e Armadillo

Busnelli, Fiocco and Armadillo chairs

Milan is equally recognized for furniture design as it is for fashion. Busnelli is a historic company renowned for combining tradition and technology, as well as craftsmanship and manufacturing. This collaboration reinterpreted, with denim elements, two iconic chairs: the Armadillo and the Fiocco, designed by Gianni Pareschi and currently part of the permanent collection of New York’s MoMA. These limited-edition pieces embody the excellence of Italian concept, design and production.

Steve Aoki / DIM MAK

EC-01 is the name of a limited-edition pair of jeans crafted with the multi-award-winning ReGen fabric and hand-painted by Steve Aoki and his Dim Mak artists. Blending deconstructed pop art and manga aesthetics, this collaboration aims to dispel the common misconception that garments made through highly sustainable techniques are inevitably dull, plain and boring.

Steve Aoki DIM MAK Steve Aoki DIM MAK
Jonathan Mannion x PRPS Jonathan Mannion x PRPS

Jonathan Mannion x PRPS

Jonathan Mannion is renowned for his photographs of hip hop and R&B icons such as N.W.A., Jay Z, Nicki Minaj and Kendrick Lamar. This special collaboration arose from his desire to transpose his art from the digital to the material world, in order to create physical, tangible artefacts with which people could interact. This led to a limited series of notable portraits, laser printed on denim canvas, which were first exhibited as artworks at Art Basel in Miami, and then made into finished garments by the sophisticated elevated streetwear brand PRPS. The aim of this collaboration is to use art to disseminate the notion that jeans should be perceived as uniquely individual garments, rather than as a mere commodity.

Swiss Jeans Freak

Few people appreciate jeans as much as Ruedi Karrer. Throughout his life, he has collected over 14,000 items and established the first independent jeans museum in the world. To celebrate his 60th birthday, we made one of his dreams come true and helped him develop his own model, in a limited edition of 60 numbered pieces – designed by Ruedi, engineered by Candiani and entirely made in Italy with the iconic workmanship of IMJIT. Our collaboration was captured in a short film that narrates the life and passion of Ruedi Karrer, an important testimony that, in a world driven by business interests, helps us remember the true value of jeans.

Swiss Jeans Freak Swiss Jeans Freak

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