Dim Mak x Candiani, the Steve Aoki jeans made with sustainable denim

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Creativity and innovation meet in the limited edition of Steve Aoki’s jeans Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01, the first collaboration built on the long-term friendship between the music producer and DJ and the president of Candiani Denim Alberto Candiani, that created a limited edition of jeans for denim enthusiasts.

Candiani’s recycled denim was used by Dim Mak

Recycled denim was used to create the 5-pocket straight-fit pairs of jeans of the limited edition Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01, which are the result of in-depth research in sustainable production aimed at saving water. They are made with Re-Gen, the statement indigo selvedge fabric that marked the 80th anniversary of the Candiani mill, and combines the production wastes of the firm itself with the TENCEL™ X REFIBRA™ fibers produced by Lenzing and composed of different recycled materials such as cotton and wood.

In 2019, Re-Gen won the ITMA Sustainable Innovation Award, the most prestigious award in the textile industry. ITMA is the biggest world fair of textile and clothing technology. It has taken place every four years since 1951 and its location changes every time.

To dye the yarn, the innovative Candiani Denim water-saving technologies named Indigo Juice® and Kitotex® were used to bring out the laser treatments that give the jeans their specific vintage effects and appearance, their distinctive features. Candiani Denim’s innovations aim at saving water, chemicals, and energy without losing the aesthetics, quality, and durability of the final products.

Dim Mak gave Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 jeans a pop look that, mixed with manga elements, finds its origins in the series Aoki 1 of 1. Steve Aoki worked at our Development Center in Los Angeles, chose his jeans features, and added each pair with his personal touch. The garments were hand painted by the DJ and his Dim Mak artisans.

Dim Mak x Candiani between sustainability and fashion, art and music

Passion for music and art and attention to sustainability in fashion are the basis of the collaboration between Dim Mak and Candiani Denim and the friendship between Steve Aoki and Alberto Candiani that has lasted for more than ten years. The two of them talked about the results of their collaboration.

“When I visited the Candiani Mill in Italy, Alberto showed me how they were able to reuse the waste in making new, even better jeans. I was inspired by their conscientiousness toward the earth and wanted to bring that mindset into Dim Mak with our first collaboration”, Steve Aoki said.

“Steve and I did this collaboration to have fun, and we did. We leveraged each other’s expertise and style to create one-of-a-kind jean that is a true reflection of our friendship. This project was incredibly fun for both of us, made better by playing with the right ingredients”, Alberto Candiani explained.

The collection is available on the Dim Mak shop

The limited edition Dim Mak x Candiani EC-01 is available on the Dim Mak shop. The capsule collection was launched on Friday, May 15, 2020, on the brand's website and app, which can be downloaded from both Google Play and Apple Store.


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