Denim trends 2024: a guide to spring-summer fashion shows

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The fashion month is over, meaning it is time to take stock of what we saw on the catwalks. Denim was included in numerous spring-summer 2024 collections, either in classic or non-conventional outfits. Let’s see which will be the major 2024 denim trends.

Luxury comes back to basics

Spring-summer 2024 catwalks proved that many brands have changed their course and gone back to simple and sophisticated luxury, arousing mixed feelings in their audience, split among those happy about returning to balanced elegance and those who think it is boring.

However, some designers experimented with new, creative silhouettes, shades, and fabric treatments to astonish viewers. These two different visions are clearly visible in denim trends.

Baggy jeans everywhere

A news that many denim lovers will appreciate is that baggy jeans will again be a big thing! It is, indeed, the favorite fit of Gucci, John Richmond, and most of the brands walking the catwalks of the fashion month. Basic and elegant or treated, printed, and distressed: everyone will find a wide-leg jean to wear!

Treated denim

Treated denim was, then, another leading trend, as shown by Ralph Lauren and Proenza Schouler. Dyed and acid-washed fabrics, floral prints, tattoo-inspired graphics, and distressed and repaired jeans are just some of the styles that walked the runways to prove that, according to some designers, spring’s denim will be everything but basic. Other brands, such as Roberto Cavalli and Retrofête, added feathers and silver and metallic inserts to embellish simple garments.

Denim artworks

Years pass, but denim, hence, always confirms itself to be one of the most versatile fabrics, rebel at its core to justify every risky and less reassuring decision. It can even be used to create coats and dresses that look more like artwork than clothing, as made by Schiaparelli!

Dark indigo vs light-washed denim

Even if colorful effects and creative washes were applied to give an alternative touch to denim garments, dark indigo dominated the spring-summer 2024 color palette. However, as Proenza Schouler and Schiaparelli proved, white denim, tie-dye effects, and light washes will always play their part in the warmest seasons’ wardrobe.

Denim skirts in any length

’90s lovers will, once again, also be pleased by the demonstration that maxi and midi denim skirts, such as those paired by Etro with sophisticated and colorful blouses and coats, will represent a valid alternative to slouchy jeans. But, if you like something shorter, you will always find miniskirts and denim shorts, as shown, again, by the Italian fashion maison.

Denim jackets and tops

Finally, oversized or cropped jackets and tops, with either long or no sleeves, completed total denim outfits, as seen in Diesel’s fashion show, or were paired with more refined dresses and skirts, such as Etro’s floral ones.

Denim was awarded the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023

Denim was a protagonist of the fashion month not only on the runways but also during the award ceremonies. Our COREVA™ technology won The Groundbreaker Award during the Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023 by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI).

CNMI also awarded Gucci with The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy for its Denim Project, which includes our PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled) fabrics developed with Humana People to People Italia and Filatura Astro.

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