Candiani Denim, the ingredient brand of premium jeans

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Candiani Denim is the ingredient brand of premium jeans. We aim to make fabrics’ quality a key element consumers consider when choosing the garment to buy, such as brand, comfort, color, or wash, for instance, already are. Therefore, we always underline its importance as the primary ingredient of a pair of jeans.

What are ingredient brands?

If we want to prepare a tasty meal, we will need the right ingredients. In the same way, if we want to manufacture a quality product, we will have to use the best pieces. Ingredient brands produce the latter, but they own a strong identity making them recognizable.

Ingredient brands are then highly clear and visible to consumers and give products an added value. It becomes a crucial evaluation factor in purchasing, even if ingredient brands sell their items in a B2B deal and not directly to end users.

Ingredient brands increase their value when they have specific features, the first being quality, that make them easily identifiable. They are beneficial to the product or brand that incorporates the ingredient brand or can significantly improve its performance.

Consumers trust ingredient brands when they recognize them as a high-quality guarantee. In some cases, ingredient brands can even become the primary reason a product is bought over time.

Candiani Denim, fabrics’ quality is important

Candiani Denim is the ingredient brand of premium jeans. We want consumers to be more aware of the importance of wearing quality and sustainable fabrics, making using our denim an evaluation element when buying a product. Fabrics are a pair of jeans’ primary ingredient, and we believe they should be considered as they deserve when people decide what they will wear.

Across our production process, we are very careful about transparency and traceability. Therefore, we use tools, such as labels and hangtags, which inform consumers when a product has been manufactured with our fabrics and explain our values, technologies, and quality to them. Through our tools, we want to be identified as an ingredient brand and aim to support end users in their choice.

Candiani Denim, Made in Italy, innovation, and sustainability are our core values

At Candiani Denim, we sincerely believe in the importance of Made in Italy, innovation, and sustainability, and we want to tell it to both our direct clients and end consumers. Since 1938, we have manufactured our fabrics in Robecchetto con Induno, close to Milan. We are always on the hunt for new solutions to improve our products. At the same time, we are committed to complying with the most severe standards to preserve the environment.

In 84 years, we have evolved from workwear fabric manufacturers to one of the industry's most revolutionary and progressive mills. We have become vertically integrated, pioneered stretch denim, invented premium denim, and mixed quality, innovation, and sustainability. We have absorbed the textile heritage of our area and gained the experience needed to go beyond our boundaries season after season, exceed expectations, and change the way people imagine a pair of jeans should be.

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