Gucci is ready to introduce our post-consumer recycled denim in 2024

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The new year has just begun, but we can’t wait to discover the biggest 2024 denim trend! Meanwhile, baggy jeans remain the hottest, and a fashion house perfectly interpreted it in the last seasons: Gucci. Denim was a protagonist in the brand’s SS24 fashion show, and Gucci was also awarded The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy for its Denim Project, based on our recycled denim. Let’s see what happened.

Gucci bets on denim and baggy jeans for spring-summer 2024 trends

In his first fashion show, the new Creative Director of Gucci, Sabato De Sarno, bet on denim. Baggy jeans – which currently are and probably still will be the main denim trend in the next seasons – tapering on the ankle and becoming wider again to cover the shoe, played a significant role on the spring-summer 2024 runway of the Italian luxury fashion house. Both dark- and light-washed fabrics were used. We also saw a classic women’s light-washed denim jacket, paired with a more elegant, green polished skirt.

However, this was not the first time the brand confirmed how denim fabrics have returned to play a major role in high fashion. In its FW23 collections, Gucci had already been generous with their use.

Even if denim is one of the fabrics designers like the most to experiment with, many brands, Gucci firstly, favor a return to simple and essential elegance. So, even in luxury fashion houses’ collections, denim is used mainly as the comfortable and utilitarian material he has traditionally been, as the recent street style has also shown.

The Denim Project of Gucci is among the winners at the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023

During the Milan Fashion Week in September 2023, Gucci was also awarded The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Award for Circular Economy by Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI) for its Denim Project. In the CNMI Sustainable Fashion Awards 2023Candiani Denim won The Groundbreaker Awards for the COREVA™ stretch technology.

The Denim Project is part of the Circular Hub of Gucci to accelerate the circular transformation of luxury fashion. It focuses on material transparency and circular design and was conceived with supply partners, which, in addition to Candiani Denim, include Humana People to People Italia, Filatura Astro, and International Promo Studio. Gucci announced that the first products of its Denim Project will be in stores in 2024.

Gucci uses our recycled denim

The Denim Project builds on our PCR (post-consumer recycled) program, developed with Humana People to People Italia, which collects old, wrecked jeans, and Filatura Astro, which shreds them back to the fiber stage and respins them into yarns, creating a 100% Italian value chain within only 60 km.

PCR fibers, usually weaker than the conventional ones, are combined with Blue Seed cotton sourced from our Spanish partner Algosur and certified by regenagri®. We have the exclusive use of this regeneratively grown raw material that blends the best of two types: the high quality of extra-long staple cotton and the robustness of Upland cotton. The superior physical qualities of Blue Seed cotton allow us to use a higher-than-average amount of recycled fibers in our fabrics, up to 26%.

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