FIT chooses Candiani Denim for their textile development and marketing project

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We are honored to have collaborated with the Textile Development and Marketing (TDM) program of the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) in New York. We supplied them with the denim needed to create their project’s garments, and our experienced Candiani Custom’s team manufactured jeans in our micro-factory in Milan.

What is FIT, the State University of New York area specialized in the fashion industry?

FIT is part of the State University of New York and specializes in art, business, design, mass communication, and technology in the fashion industry.

The TDM program teaches students how garments are made and marketed, from fiber to the finished product. All the steps are covered, from fabric selection and manufacturing to apparel making to textile testing, marketing plan, merchandising, launching, and developing an online presence.

To realize their project, over one semester, each student had to select their raw materials, choose the style of their garments, and learn to measure. They researched and evaluated different options with their pros and cons to determine what fitted their vision.

Sustainability meets creativity and innovation in the textile development and marketing project

Creativity and innovation are two of the pillars the TDM program builds on. Students demonstrated impressive skills, talent, and dedication to bring their projects to life. All the blouses, shirts, and jeans designed by FIT’s students were custom-made for their models, and we produced the jeans needed for the project in our Candiani Custom micro-factory in Milan with our denim.

One of the new goals of the program was focusing on sustainability, and the nutrition-sustainability label for garments was therefore introduced. Students worked with Peter Gorse, a famous textile researcher in the United Kingdom, and applied his principles about defining a garment label based upon the nutritional table used for food, so consumers can understand how sustainable clothes really are.

Here is a gallery of the stunning garments created by FIT’s students.

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